Most Popular Summer Supplements

As the weather gets warmer, there are some supplements that should be taken into consideration when planning a workout session or simply doing some light exercise.


BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, are a specific group of 3 amino acids; valine, leucine, and isoleucine. These amino acids have a particular ability to improve fitness goals such as boosting lean body mass, speeding up muscle recovery and delaying the onset of exercise fatigue – this is why they are commonly taken to boost exercise performance while increasing muscle tissue growth.

BCAAs are generally more commonly used during the summer months as they have the ability to increase endurance in the heat. The reason BCAA’s can do this is because of their ability to suppress excess serotonin during endurance exercise. Serotonin, while great during everyday life, can harm endurance performance and can make you feel tired and unmotivated.

Taking BCAA’s before or during endurance workouts can balance the tryptophan (an essential amino acid needed for the production and maintenance of our body’s proteins, enzymes, muscles and neurotransmitters) to BCAA ratio, which can help fight premature fatigue from excess serotonin. Working out in the heat has been shown to increase serotonin, therefore it makes perfect sense that BCAA’s are more popular during the summer months as they can help to improve endurance performance in the hotter summer months!

We have listed our most popular BCAA supplements below:

Kinetica Hydro Fuel BCAA 450g

Kinetica Hydro Fuel is the most advanced and purest source of whey protein. It also provides all 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot manufacture!

GHOST LIFESTYLE BCAA 315g 30 servings

Although traditionally taken during a workout or intense training session, GHOST® BCAA can be enjoyed around the clock as a phenomenal performance alternative to sugary sports drinks or juices. It also comes in a range of delicious flavours!

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA 266g

This is a great option before a workout if you want to boost energy and focus. This endurance-supporting powder was formulated to be absolutely delicious with light refreshing flavours to encourage steady sipping throughout extended training sessions.


Electrolytes are minerals that have an electrical charge, including potassium, sodium and magnesium. It is the balance of these specific minerals that can allow our bodies to regulate the functions of our muscles and nerves, along with delivering hydration directly to our cells. An electrolyte imbalance or lack of electrolytes can lead to dehydration, which is a lot more common during the summer months.

Keeping ourselves hydrated is the key to a number of bodily functions, and during summer it can be hard to maintain hydration. One of the main roles water plays within our bodies is regulating our internal temperature, and our body’s ability to remain cool in hot weather is dependent on proper hydration – and hydration cannot be maintained by water consumption alone.

Electrolytes are also very important to hydration as our body cannot fully absorb the water we drink without electrolytes. On top of this, electrolytes are required for nutrient absorption, and we need to have sufficient electrolytes within the body in order to absorb the vitamins and minerals from the food we eat.

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Electrolytes 250 ml

You can take Anytime Energy along wherever your busy day takes you! This beverage supports performance, endurance and active living.

Clear Whey

Clear whey is exactly what it sounds like – whey protein powder that turns clear when it is dissolved in water. This results in a refreshing liquid that tastes more similar to a juice or lemonade instead of a creamy shake, making it a perfect pre or post-workout drink when the weather starts to heat up, especially when paired with some ice!

Clear whey generally comes in fruity or juice flavours, similar to that of an energy drink – which some people favour over a thicker protein that results in a milkshake-like texture, especially during the summer. This is because the chemistry that helps the whey to remain clear needs to be an acidic solution, and this acidity pairs very well with fruity / juice flavours.

Clear whey is suitable for athletes and gym-goers who prefer to consume a lighter protein supplement with no milky taste or texture.

We have listed our DSI best-selling clear whey protein below:

Supreme Nutrition Clear Whey Isolate 500g

Supreme nutrition clear whey is a superior quality whey isolate produced in Ireland. It delivers 20g of protein per serving in a low-calorie, light-textured & refreshing drink that assists with muscle growth, maintenance & recovery.

Beef Protein Isolate

Meat-eating gym-goers probably already know this, but beef is very densely packed with a whole lot of protein – and the good news is that all of this protein can be extracted into a convenient powder for you to take.

Beef protein is made by boiling beef in large vats. This then creates a liquid that contains protein and amino acids. This liquid is then skimmed to remove any further fats or carbohydrates, leaving behind a high protein concentration. This liquid is then dried, giving your final product of beef protein isolate powder.

Over the past few years, there has been a significant rise in beef protein powders due to many people choosing a paleo diet. A paleo diet means only eating the foods presumed to have been available to humans during the palaeolithic era.

Beef protein is also an ideal substitute for those who struggle with processing dairy or soy products, it is also an ideal alternative to thicker protein shakes as beef protein can be enjoyed chilled or over ice.

We have listed our DSI best-selling beef protein below:

NXT Nutrition Beef Protein Isolate 1.8kg

NXT Nutrition Beef Protein is an alternative source of protein to traditional protein shakes. Each serving provides you with 27g of protein with zero dairy and zero sugar. As most protein shakes are either whey, casein or soy-based they are not ideal for anyone with an intolerance to dairy or soy.

Ready-Made Pre-Workouts

Ready-made pre-workout beverages tend to be a very popular purchase on those warmer days as they are sold fresh out of a chilled fridge and are the perfect product to take to the gym when you don’t have the time to mix a powder supplement beforehand. These drinks are easy to grab and a reliable source of energy before a tough workout in the heat!

We have linked our best-sellers below:

Monster Energy Ultra 500ml

This new Monster drink is a little less sweet, lighter-tasting, and has zero calories, but with a full load of the Monster energy blend!

Ä Nano Supps EAAs 420g Amino Vibe 330ml

Good vibes and Bubbles! It’s for you to be your best self. A drink to elevate your spirit and eliminate your limits!