Workout Songs To Boost Your Motivation This February!

Working out in 2021 is a little different from working out in past years – mainly because the gyms are still closed.

This means that some of us are struggling to find creative ways to workout from home, while others are struggling to find the energy to hype themselves up to go for a run in the cold Irish air – but regardless of how you are doing, I just want you to know: you’re doing great!

With that in mind, I’ve made a music list to help us kick our motivation back into gear, getting into that workout mood!

Here’s what I believe to be songs to boost our energy and to push us harder into our workouts:

Back In Black – AC/DC | This song has been included for obvious reasons – It makes you feel like you can take on the world. No matter what your mood is, I can guarantee that putting on this song will encourage you to get up and get going!

Higher, Clean Bandit | This soundtrack is not a ‘hardcore’ one, but it’s still great to lift your mood and get your pre-workout and warming up started!

Humble Skrillex Remix – Kendrick Lamar | If you need a quick burst of energy to get you going on your workout, then you need to add this to your workout playlist!

What’s Up Danger – Blackway, Black Caviar | This one is both hard and chill, so it’s great for interval training – go hard when the song goes hard, then recover when there is a lull!

My Ex’s Best Friend – Machine Gun Kelly ft Blackbear | Another great song that has both highs and lows throughout so you can alter your workout to suit the song! Run during the chorus and then fall back into a jog during the versus – be creative with your music and your workouts will be a lot more fun!

It’s Like That – Run DMC | Put this song during a workout and watch your mood boost. Even when I played this song to research for this blog I had to immediately add it to my workout playlist. It’s also a wonderful trip down memory lane…

Legend Has It – Run The Jewels | This is my favorite song to start my workout as it has just the right amount of aggression that I need to get myself hyped up for some cardio!

Have you got any song suggestions that help you get in the mood to workout?