Here are some of the show notes from a very interesting podcast between Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Dr. David Sinclair.  Dr. David Sinclair is an Australian biologist and professor of genetics best known for his advocacy for resveratrol as an anti-aging dietary supplement and potential medication.

Slow down the aging process

  • Sirtuins are a class of proteins that protect organisms from deterioration and disease by regulating gene expression
  • Sirtuins need Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) to function properly
  • As we get older, our NAD+ levels drop so by the time we are aged 50 our NAD levels are half what they were when we were 20
  • Think of sirtuins as a car – NAD+ is the fuel and resveratrol is the accelerator pedal
  • “NAD+ makes it work, but resveratrol comes along and makes it work even faster” – David Sinclair

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Reservatrol activates SIR1, which plays an important anti-inflammatory role in the lining of blood vessels and endothelial cells.  In mouse studies, resveratrol supplementation reduced arterial levels of oxidative stress

Improve Cognitive Health

  • A few studies on Alzheimer’s patients have shown that supplemental resveratrol (ranging from 500-1000 mg) reduces levels of amyloid-beta 42 in cerebral spinal fluid and improves cognitive function
  • Resveratrol also seems to stimulate autophagy pathways
  • One of the critical signals for autophagy activation is a decrease in protein deacetylation (and sirtuins are histone deacetylases – remember, resveratrol accelerates sirtuin function

Where Can We Get Resveratrol From:

Resveratrol, and other beneficial plant molecules, known as xenohormetics, are produced in plants under stress.  By eating stressed plants, we obtain these useful molecules and activate our own stress response pathways (helping us fight aging).
Discount Supplements sell Trans-Resveratrol which according to Doctor David Sinclair is the best form of it.
You can view the show notes here and watch the video below: