Finding the motivation to workout at home is tough – but once you get into it, you’ll be unstoppable!

Working out at home means you can move at your own pace, which also means you might not be pushing yourself hard enough… This is why home workout apps are such an important component to working out from home.

These days, there are apps for pretty much everything you can think of, but typing ‘fitness’ into the app store, sounds like a literal nightmare of trial and error downloading – So to make your life a little easier, I have shortlisted some of the popular and best rated workout apps.

This list couldn’t come at a better time, as once the Irish wet weather starts, my motivation to go to the gym flies out the window.


You’ve all heard of Fitbit, but did you know you can use the Fitbit app without actually owning one? I literally only found this out, and my mind is blown! The Fitbit app offers a 90-day trial, so you can give it a whirl for 3 months before deciding to sign up to their membership. This app promises to inspire and inform, and it even tracks your sleep schedule.

With the Fitbit app, you can find HIIT workouts, cardio, strength training, yoga and more, and they are all centered around working from your home.

There are monthly and annual plans, so you’ll find an option that suits you. The Apple store reviews are anything to go by: people LOVE this app!

Nike Training Club

Normally when I see a free app, I automatically assume it isn’t worth using – but this is absolutely not the case with the Nike Training Club.

This workout app is clean, sleek, stylish and straightforward to navigate. There are over 185 workouts available on Nike Training Club covering a wide range of activities, including yoga. There are also workouts hosted by Nike ambassadors such as Rory McIlroy and Serena Williams, which will definitely make your home workouts interesting.

The NTC app also suggests workouts for you on a daily (or weekly) basis, depending on your previous workouts. If you’re still not convinced, check out the Apple reviews and you’ll see why you should give this app a try for your next home workout!


Seven-minute workouts? Say no more! This home workout app is perfect for beginners. Seven boasts a whole range of seven-minute workouts which all fit into one of three categories: Get Fit, Lose Weight or Get Strong.

All of the workouts can be done without any gym equipment, so you’ve literally no excuse – and if you’re getting bored of working out at home, you can even take your workouts to the nearest park: you’ll get your workout in and entertain some onlookers while you do it.


This app is definitely more popular with the younger crowd as it features a lot of home workouts hosted by celebrities, such as Julianne Hough, Jonathan Van Ness and Gabrielle Union.

This free app asks you a few general questions to begin with (there are optional in app purchases), such as height, age, weight (rude!) and your fitness goals. Once you supply it with some personal data, it will then create a workout plan based on those answers.

You can download the FitOn app to your phone, or use the online website to workout at home with your trainers. This app is more on the beginner side, so if home workouts is something you’ve been thinking about, this could be the app to help you dip your toe into the world of home workouts.

Most of the workouts can be done within 30 minutes, and can be done with no equipment.


Their slogan is ‘Fitness Made Simple’, and to be honest, that’s all I want to hear!

If you’re looking to target specific areas such as glutes, abs or arms, then Sworkit is the home workout app for you. Sworkit offers countless plans and routines that you can follow along with. It also allows you to easily create your own workouts.

This app costs €9 a month, which is significantly cheaper than a gym membership. The home workout videos on Sworkit are clear and easy to follow, and will teach you some new tips and tricks on how to workout at home. Did I mention the best part? You can schedule how long your workouts should last for!


Aurofit is a little different to other home workout apps – it is all audio and no video. This app is like if a workout app and a podcast had a baby – so if you love listening to podcasts, then this app will be right up your street!

You can also download workouts and listen to them with no WIFI – which is ideal if you fancy taking a walk to the park to work out and don’t want to waste your precious data. Aurofit is a little more pricey than other workout apps, but that’s only because it adds a whole bunch of new classes every month.

The annual cost is €66, or €12.99 a month, BUT Aurofit does offer a 14 day free trial, so you can always give it a whirl and see how you like it!


Two words – Chris Hemsworth!

If that wasn’t enough information, I suppose I can give you some more….

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are some of two names who make up the large array of team members at Centr.

The Centr workout app offers a wide range of workout options including HIIT, boxing, yoga, strength training, MMA & more. They also offer mindfulness exercises. When using this app, you can choose between a 20 minute workout or a 40 minute one, AND you can select your own ability level, so you will never feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with workouts designed for more advanced users.

A great bonus that Centr offers are recipes. Centr provides convenient recipes that are all dietician approved, with options for gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan. Anything you can think of – this app probably has it.

You can try the Centr workout app for free for 7 days, and after that, you can choose between a yearly or a monthly subscription.

There are hundreds of fitness apps out there, so it might take you some time to find the one that suits you, but always remember that everyone’s body is built differently – so what works for your friend, might not work for you… and that’s okay! You’ll find your stride in time, so be patient and test a few different apps until you find your holy grail!

If you’re lucky enough to have a home workout app that you love and swear by, let us know in the comments below! We love to hear from you!