5 Tips To Start Your Mornings Right

Waking up in the morning can be a difficult task for some of us, even if we have got enough sleep – it can still be tough to pull the blankets back and crawl out from that cozy haven!

If you have been struggling with getting up, you need to find something that works for you in the mornings. Here are 5 Tips To Start Your Mornings Right:

Snooze Is Not An Option

Ah, the snooze button! There is nothing quite like shooting yourself in the foot first thing in the morning – which is exactly what most of us are doing when we hit the snooze button! Hitting snooze is a risky little game that most of us are willing to take a gamble on for an extra 10-15 minutes of sleep, not realizing that we will probably wake up even more tired than before, and those extra few minutes are definitely not going to make us less tired!

Try quitting this bad habit for a few weeks and you will notice how organized your mornings can become!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

If skipping the snooze button is just too much to take on right now, maybe you could try drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning If you already do this, try drinking even more water!

A very common reason that people are tired in the mornings is due to dehydration. The symptoms of dehydration can also be similar to feeling tired, so upping your water intake will help you feel fresher and clear-headed in the mornings when you need it most! Click here for some morning drinks to raise your hydration levels.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

When you hit that snooze button (yes I’m still talking about the snooze button) you are also causing yourself to start your day late, and therefore, rushing yourself to get ready! When we rush out of the house in the mornings, we tend to skip breakfast, which is a big mistake (unless we are practicing intermittent fasting!).

It has been proven time and time again that skipping breakfast will negatively impact our energy levels and ability to pay attention throughout the day, so even if it’s just a piece of fruit and a protein bar on the go, do not skip breakfast! We will feel so much better and energized with some food in our tummy.

Drink Less Coffee

Okay, hear us out on this one: chugging a lot of coffee in the morning can indirectly lead to increased fatigue later in the day. Try experimenting with a reduced amount of caffeine in the mornings, perhaps one cup instead of two – and see how you feel later in the day. This might just be the secret to avoiding your 3 pm work slump. It is also recommended to not drink coffee after 2 pm, as it will negatively impact your sleep.

Avoid A Sugar Crash

Sugary breakfast foods, pastries, energy drinks, or sweetened coffee first thing in the morning can lead to the classic blood sugar spike and drop that leaves you feeling completely drained in the middle of the day, with no motivation.

Instead, try holding off on sugar and sweets until after your lunch, replacing your morning snacks with fruits and veggies.